NaturesPlus BrainCeutixX PQQ 60 capsules

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BrainCeutix PQQ: Enhance Your Brain Power!

Mitochondrial dysfunction is directly linked to age-related issues. PQQ is shown to nutritionally support mitochondrial biogenesis (growth of new mitochondria in aging cells), essential to sharp thinking, accurate memory and clarity of thought.

BrainCeutix PQQ helps activate the genes that govern mitochondrial repair, production, and protection. Add 20 mg PQQ daily to promote optimal defense against neuronal degeneration.*

BrainCeutix PQQ helps the brain in 3 important ways:

Stimulate: Promotes stimulation of mitochondria, resulting in more energy and stronger brain signals*
Protect: Supports protection of brain cells from metabolic toxins and helps clear cellular debris forimproved healthy brain function*
Regenerate: Supports regeneration of new brain cells and growth of new mitochondria in aging cells for more brain power*