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Hemp Hearts™

We invented Hemp Hearts™ and then learned how to use them with mountains of long fiber foods for their protein which then reverses an amazing spectrum of tissue health problems. (Large portions of our society are protein deficient) When they are used in this manner they also lubricate the passage of rope-like wastes (the remains of the long fiber foods) and thus ensure perfect digestive health. . We then sent millions of instruction booklets with hundreds of thousands of cases of Hemp Hearts™ --all at no charge-- to health care professionals all over the World. We also sent health surveys to customers, collected and categorized the resulting comments and posted their replies in the hand writing of the customer at Categorized Customer Health Surveys About Hemp Hearts™ And Health. We were brutal in refusing to sell Hemp Hearts™ to anyone who was not going to use or market them in our prescribed manner--thus ensuring that the name Hemp Hearts™ would be intrinsically associated with our program for the use of the product and with the health benefits that are then inevitable. This program worked perfectly and the name Hemp Hearts™ became associated with health. Our Hemp Hearts™ are normally better than others because others are often made with small pieces of bitter, bin rotted seeds that they claim are "organic" or "natural"---but sometimes their shelled hemp seeds are as good as ours. I do not know how you would use single samples to evaluate a product like Hemp Hearts™ that differs from day to day in production.