Planetary Forskohlii, Full Spectrum™ 130 mg

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  •   Stimulates cyclic AMP
  •   Supports healthy circulation and lung function
  •   Metabolic activator for healthy weight management.

Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum™ Forskohlii is a premier Ayurvedic herb used for centuries throughout India. Its primary active compound, forskolin (ForsLean®), works mainly through direct stimulation of cyclic AMP production. Cyclic AMP is a cellular messenger which determines how cells react to hormonal signals. When used as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, Full Spectrum Forskholii can help to support healthy weight management. Available in a convenient capsule, this formula combines a standardized extract, ForsLean®, a standardized extract of forskohlii root.

The Full Spectrum Difference
Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum™ Horny Goat Weed combines a standardized extract of Epimedium sagittatum with whole leaf epimedium. It is standardized to 10% flavonoids as icariin. The stem and leaf of epimedium also contain des-O-methlicariin, ß-anhydroicaritin and magnoflorine. Combining standardized epimedium extract with whole leaf maintains the integrity of the botanical while providing a concentrated source of its valuable constituents, according to modern scientific investigation.

All Planetary Herbals products are selected or developed by licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist, Michael Tierra. A clinician since 1972, Michael is an authority on the world's herbal traditions.

Supplement Facts for 130 mg Capsule

Serving Size: 1 Capsule




Forskohlii Root Extract (ForsLean®)(20% forskohlin)

130 mg