North American Herb & Spice Collagen Power-Plus 90 Capsules

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Collagen Power-Plus 

This is that rare collagen supplement that is convenient to take and also made more potent through the addition of the plant enzymes, bromelain and papain plus shilajit as a mineral source. This is the most comprehensive, potent of all collagen capsules available. 

Camu Camu Berries 

Only 100% wild, handpicked camu camu berries are used, gathered from along the banks of the Amazon River. An exceptionally rich source of vitamin C with up to 50 times higher density than oranges, our camu camu is a naturally buffered, whole food source of vitamin C and also is rich in bioflavonoids, which aid in vitamin C's bioavailability. 


Collagen helps support a healthy joint, skin, and hair response, and with aging the need for additional collagen increases. Collagen is synergized through the addition of protein-digestiing fruit enzymes, bromelain and papain, along with a whole food mineral source such as silajit. Adding turmeric and ginger to any collagen supplement also facilitates its potency. Use collagen for supporting a healthy reparative response for the joints.