Oxygen Wellness Black Walnut Extract 2 fluid ounces

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The green hull surrounding the nut of the black walnut tree contains organic iodine, which is antiseptic, as well as a miraculous parasiticide.  It is essential that the black walnuts are harvested while they are still green, once the rind falls to the ground and turns black it is impotent. The rind is extracted with grain alcohol to form a tincture to give us the Black Walnut Extract.

Black walnut extract must be used with wormwood (Artemesia Absinthium shrub) which kill adults and the developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves, the 3rd component, kills the eggs. They must be used together. If you only kill the adults the eggs will hatch and start the whole process over. If you kill just the eggs, well, you get the picture I think. Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D.,N.D. in her book The Cure for All Cancers established the a 60 day program to eliminate the disease causing parasites.

Fresh green hulls, 45% Alcohol, Fresh Herb Strength 1:1 is - 8 pounds of plant per gallon of extract.

The "60 DAY" Parasite Cleanse and Worm program utilizes: