Viva Prostate with Saw Palmetto & Pygeum 60 capsules

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The use of the herbs and nutrient may do much to help reduce symptoms of BPH. Nonetheless, self-treatment without medical support is a bad idea. First off, if you have symptoms of BHP, you should first verify with your physician that BHP is the problem rather than, say, prostate cancer. If you want to try some of these natural remedies, speak with your physician, and involve him or her in the process.

Of course one thing you can do right away if you wish is to eat pumpkin seeds—that’s right, pumpkin seeds. It may interest you to know that pumpkin seeds are one of the most common plants constituents used to treat BPH. Scientific reviews have stated that the consumption of pumpkin seeds help to reduce residual urine and the frequent urge to urinate.