Santevia Shower Filter

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The Shower Filter is crafted for revitalization, giving you and your family the freshest water so your skin can thrive naturally. By employing a proprietary blend of minerals, Santevia’s Shower Filter creates a natural protection for sensitive skin. Ideal for families who want a sustainable, easy-to-use solution to protect skin and hair from tap water contaminants.

  • Softens water with calcium sulfite to naturally nourish skin and hair
  • Filters chlorine and heavy metals to avoid dry and irritated skin
  • Features a sustainably-designed outer shell that’s compatible with the Santevia Replacement Cartridge
  • Each purchase supports life-changing water projects and children’s education worldwide

  Filter Life: 4-6 months (36,000 L or 9,510 GAL)

  Filter Reminder: Available through Filter Ease

  Material: BPA- & BPS-free plastic