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At OLLOÏS we believe that everything is connected. With Homeopathy, our mind, body, spirit are one – one system which needs a little help sometimes to get to that perfect balance and to feel as its best.

OLLOÏS seeks for the most authentic ingredients, and offers natural medicines, in order for the body to trigger its natural system of healing. We care for the environment and people, which is why OLLOÏS is committed to using sustainable practices in the preparations of its medicines according to the highest GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Process).

Launched in January 2012 by Guillaume Lois, OLLOÏS is a brand owned and managed by HBC Naturals, a company dedicated to Health & Beauty Care, offering Natural products from Europe, Canada and the United States, in the Supplements, Vitamin and Body Care categories.

In 2014, thanks to a Breakthrough in Technology, OLLOÏS brought to Retail first Lactose-Free Homeopathic Pellets.
This revolutionary advancement of a 200-year old medical practice meets the increasing demand for natural and lactose-free products for those with dietary restrictions or who choose to refrain from consuming animal products. Most of our medicines are Vegan Friendly.

And in 2019, OLLOÏS became the first line of Homeopathic Single Medicines to be Organic Certified, pursuing its efforts to find unique and innovative solutions for everyone.

OLLOÏS, Homeopathy For All.