5 Supplements Every Woman Needs

5 Supplements Every Woman Needs

5 Supplements Every Woman Needs

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ARTICLE BY | Julie Hoerth

With all the supplements on the market today, deciding which ones to take can feel overwhelming. Here are five important nutrients every woman should move to the top of her supplement list to support better health.*


At some point in life, every woman understands the need for improved hydration. Far beyond drinking plenty of water and using an emollient moisturizer, the right supplement can help you feel hydrated from the inside out. Omega-7 sea buckthorn berriesOmega-7 delivers essential fatty acids to support mucous membrane hydration for everything from the eyes and mouth to the skin and digestive systems. In fact, it relieves skin dryness by up to 48 percent!* Nicknamed the “nutrient bomb” due to its plentiful health benefits, Omega-7 also supports strong blood vessels and healthy circulation, proper heart function, and relief of menopausal vaginal dryness.* If you could use some hydration in your life, turn to Omega-7 from Terry Naturally®.


Beautiful hair, skin, and nails make you feel good at every stage of life. The best way to support them is with silica, a crucial trace mineral required for healthy collagen and connective tissue throughout the body. Silica is also extremely important for supporting thick, lustrous hair, flexible joints, and healthy bones. In fact, cutting-edge science has shown that silica is as important, if not more so, than calcium and magnesium for healthy bone density. Try Silica-20, a supplement that delivers clinically studied silica and is known to boost bone absorption of calcium up to 50 percent!^^

Everyone out there could benefit from a powerful curcumin product, and women are no exception! In addition to supporting a healthy inflammation response††† throughout the body, curcumin supports healthy liver function to help effectively eliminate toxins that mimic estrogens and contribute to estrogen dominance. It also offers powerful cellular protection from the risk of oxidative damage^*. When looking for an effective curcumin, you want one that offers enhanced bioavailability, like CuraMed®. The curcumin in this product is the subject of over 70 published studies supporting its efficacy.


Let’s talk hormone balance! A health-promoting plant compound called diindolylmethane, or DIM, is a powerful ingredient for keeping your hormone levels balanced and healthy at all ages. Look for a clinically studied form of DIM called BR-DIM® Complex, which is better absorbed and more effective than ordinary DIM for estrogen balance and detoxification. BR-DIM eases mood swings, supports healthy metabolism and weight management††, supports healthy breast cells, and relieves cramping associated with perimenopause and PMS.* You can get your daily dose of DIM (plus curcumin and French grape seed extract) in DIM Complex.

Grape seed berries
French Grape Seed Extract

Certain French grape seed extracts feature powerful health-promoting nutrients called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) that support a wide range of health needs for women. OPCs must be small in size to be absorbed, which is why you want to take Clinical OPC® French Grape Seed Extract VX1® specifically. The OPCs in Clinical OPC® are small and easily absorbable, allowing you to receive maximum benefits. Take this supplement on a daily basis to support weight management††, cholesterol balance†, focus and concentration, blood pressure health, cellular protection^, and healthy immune function.*

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Julie has been a writer, researcher, and author in the Natural Health industry for nearly 15 years. A wife and mom to three young daughters, Julie is infinitely interested in studying the science behind how botanicals and nutrients can support and improve the health of her loved ones, and all who read her work.

 † Supports healthy levels already within normal range †† In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen ††† Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse ^ Protection from oxidative stress and damage ^^In vitro evaluation on cultured human bone.

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