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3-in-1 Joint Formula® supplement can help to rebuild, lubricate and soothe your joints.* This advanced combination of nutrients can give you the support you need to promote long-term joint and connective tissue health

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According to a new study, ten days of pre and post exercise Curcumin supplementation was associated with reductions in muscle soreness without affecting muscular power when compared to a placebo. Over 20 people (men and women) in their early 20’s participated in this study.  Participants were randomly assigned to receive either 500 mg of Curcumin standardized to 475 mg of Curcuminoids, or a placebo twice a day for a 10 day period (6 days of pre-exercise, exercise day and 3 days after the exercise test).  On exercise day, the participants were required to do five bouts of 20 drop jumps....

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