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Enjoy NaturesPlus Immune Support for your overall immune nutritional protection.

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Immune, Sleep -

  • Healthy Cells: Melatonin protects you from the risks of oxidative damage at a microscopic level.*
  • Deep, Sound Restorative Sleep: Melatonin helps set our sleep cycles and synchronizes the health of every cell in the body.*††
  • Overall Well-Being: Melatonin supports health in ways that may come as a surprise, including: healthy vision, gastrointestinal function, cognitive health, blood sugar balance†, and healthy aging.*

Melatonin EP120 by Terry Naturally®:

  • Restorative:
    Over time, the melatonin levels produced by the body can become depleted. This supplement helps you adjust the balance in your favor.*
  • Sustained Release:
    Sustained release means that you can count on a consistent level of melatonin overnight, every night

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Energy, Immune, Probiotic -

  • Traditional Function
  • All ingredients in Tonic Alchemy have been consumed in their native cultures for hundreds or thousands of years because of their nutritional benefits.*
  • Who can use it?
  • Adults
  • Concentration
  • Most ingredients are freeze dried. Herbal extracts are largely of 5:1 concentration.
  • Specifications
  • 5 oz. (270 g)
  • Dosage
  • Add as desired in warm/hot water or blended with other natural fluids such as a nut or grain “milk” in a blender at high speed for approximately 30 seconds. A banana or other ingredients may be added as desired, including honey or Sweetfruit Drops.
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    Circulation, Energy, Immune -

    • Delivers 7X more rare, noble ginsenosides than conventional ginseng for maximum benefits
    • Noble ginsenosides are shown to be 17 times better absorbed than classic ginsenosides
    • Whole root red ginseng for full spectrum action
    • Ultra-clean: grown without pesticid

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    Antioxidant, Immune -

    They're a delicious way to provide immune system-supporting zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and acerola cherry to your diet to help keep your immune system's engine firing on all cylinders.

    ‡Source: SPINSscan Natural Channel 52 weeks ending 7/12/20.

    Suggested use

    For best results, chew 2 gummies daily with food or at mealtime to ensure the nutrients sit well on the stomach during digestion.

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