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Energy, Immune, Probiotic -

  • Traditional Function
  • All ingredients in Tonic Alchemy have been consumed in their native cultures for hundreds or thousands of years because of their nutritional benefits.*
  • Who can use it?
  • Adults
  • Concentration
  • Most ingredients are freeze dried. Herbal extracts are largely of 5:1 concentration.
  • Specifications
  • 5 oz. (270 g)
  • Dosage
  • Add as desired in warm/hot water or blended with other natural fluids such as a nut or grain “milk” in a blender at high speed for approximately 30 seconds. A banana or other ingredients may be added as desired, including honey or Sweetfruit Drops.
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    Probiotic -

    Our most potent probiotic formula contains a minimum of 30 billion viable organisms per serving. Utilizing an 8 strain proprietary blend, this formula provides support for a healthy digestive system. Also containing a prebiotic (FOS) to support the body's ability to produce its own friendly bacteriathis unique formula provides protection to the organisms from stomach acid breakdown and also eliminates the need for refrigeration. Available in size 30 and 60 vegetarian capsules.

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