Andrographis: Discover the Secret to Optimal Health*

Andrographis: Discover the Secret to Optimal Health*

ARTICLE BY | Julie Hoerth

If you haven’t heard of andrographis, now is the time to get on board with this time-tested herbal adaptogen, known to support everything from upper respiratory tract health to daily energy and mental clarity.*

What is Andrographis?
Andrographis is an annual herb native to India and Sri Lanka, historically referred to as the “King of Bitters” because of its bitter taste in traditional preparations. It has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times, but the health benefits of this adaptogen are now gaining more popularity as science continues to uncover its amazing spectrum of use. Like curcumin and boswellia, andrographis is one of the world’s greatest botanical multitaskers.

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners harnessed andrographis’s broad spectrum of benefits to boost physical and mental health and support balance of the mind and body. Today, people are taking advantage of this adaptogen to experience benefits from year-round immune defense to healthy liver support.*

Scientifically Studied
The multitude of health benefits from andrographis are currently at the forefront of scientific research. In fact, the National Institutes of Health PubMed database features over 800 studies investigating the health-promoting power of andrographis.*

Andrographis EP80 Extra Strength
For overall support including liver, immune, and joint health.*
Our standalone andrographis product features a concentrated extract that supports virtually every aspect of well-being. Backed by scientific studies, this botanical supports optimal overall health to help you feel your best.*

Andrographis EP80 with Umckaloabo - NEW!
For upper respiratory function and optimal immune defense.*
A powerful formula that combines andrographis with immune-supporting umckaloabo, also known as pelargonium. This product helps maintain healthy sinus and bronchial passageways, supports the clearing of mucus and relieves occasional cough.*††

Andrographis and Ashwagandha
Support for focus, energy, and endurance.*
This powerful combination of andrographis and ashwagandha supports healthy energy levels so you can respond better to daily demands during the day and then rest easier at night.*

Experience for yourself what people around the world have known for thousands of years–andrographis delivers outstanding benefits to support overall health!*

ABOUT | Julie

Julie has been a writer, researcher, and author in the Natural Health industry for nearly 15 years. A wife and mom to three young daughters, Julie is infinitely interested in studying the science behind how botanicals and nutrients can support and improve the health of her loved ones, and all who read her work.

 †Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse. ††Supports clearing of mucus and relief of occasional cough associated with hoarseness, dry throat, and irritants.

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