Bladder Strength

Bladder Strength

The Midnight Sun Makes Angelica Strong

At the height of summer, there is no real “nighttime” in Iceland. Researchers believe that because the angelica plants are bathed with so much sunlight during these months, they produce an abundance of powerful compounds, including isoquercitrin and other flavonoids, polyphenols, and polysaccharides. It is these compounds that are considered to be responsible for the plant’s many beneficial effects. In fact, some scientists believe it is this very intense arctic summer with 24 hours of daylight that spurs the growth and concentration of these nutrients.

The fields of Arctic Angelica plants are an impressive sight! I am holding a bundle of the plant’s leaves – soon to be made into a bladder strengthening extract for your best friend.

The people of Iceland are wonderful. I came to see more about the Angelica harvest, and I found the Icelanders polite, friendly, and eager to show me the local sights and the location of the best wild angelica available. As it happens, the angelica grows in large fields on nearby Hrisey Island, 15 minutes by ferry from the main coast of Iceland.

About 180 people live on Hrisey Island, and the main taxi is a practical one: a farm tractor towing a trailer with bench seating.

The fields of wild angelica here are an impressive sight. The plant grows to about six feet tall at its maturity. Although the large heads of flowers on each plant are very distinctive, the leaves are actually the part of the plant collected for use.

Once harvested by hand, the angelica leaves are essentially brewed into a tea in large vats. That tea, or more properly, infusion, is the ingredient used for the bladder strengthening extract. There are no chemicals or synthetic solvents used in this process.

Impressive Clinical Evidence

In humans, Arctic Angelica has shown excellent results. In a published study, men with reduced bladder capacity found that Angelica archangelica significantly improved their ability to hold urine. In fact, it tripled the time to first awakening to use the bathroom, and reduced the nocturnal awakenings for urination by an average of 50 percent. Additionally, the Angelica archangelica extract was very well tolerated and showed no hormonal effects or unwanted side effects.

How does it work? Icelandic Angelica archangelica has anti-inflammatory activity via a very specific pathway in the bladder that results in overproduction of leukotrienes. While this is not the same kind of inflammation that occurs in arthritis, or twisted ankles, or sunburns, it still damages bladder strength and nerves that transmit bladder signals. By reducing leukotrienes, Arctic Angelica can stop this cycle.

This is important, because if these nerves are compromised in any way, they affect bladder sensations. For instance, if they are irritated, they send erroneous signals about the need to void, making your pet feel the urge to go more than she or he really needs to. However, if the nerves affecting the bladder have been impaired due to inflammation, this can cause your pup to leave puddles without realizing they needed a bathroom break.

In this clinical study, researchers and patients found that aside from improving bladder strength and capacity, this extract made bathroom trips more productive, and improved the ability to fully empty the bladder. This is all good news for your best friend, because the mechanics of the bladder are quite similar between humans and canines, male and female. The lessons learned in this clinical study can easily apply to your dog as well.

A Treasured Herb for Generations

Arctic Angelica has been considered a treasure among Icelanders for generations.

I think that you and your dog will find that this herb is incredibly valuable too, for its ability to help normalize urinary frequency and bladder capacity.

After all, your dog wants to make you happy and wants to feel comfortable and at ease, just like any of us. Arctic Angelica can help to do just that. It can stop episodes of leaky bladder and reduce the urgency you may have noticed in your best friend, and restore a bit of normalcy in their daily routine.

An Excellent Choice for Bladder Strength

The preliminary clinical data and anecdotal reports of Arctic Angelica are incredibly positive. One major plus in using this herb is that it does not cause the adverse effects often associated with canine bladder drugs like phenylpropanolamine. This drug was once used as a decongestant and diet aid for humans, but is no longer used in human over-the counter products because of health concerns.

Icelandic Angelica archangelica has been found to:

• Reduce leukotriene activity and inflammation in the bladder.

• Calm the nerves that transmit bladder signals. If these nerves are compromised in anyway, they affect bladder sensations.

When irritated, they send erroneous signals about the need to void. If damaged, they are under fire, so your dog may not notice the “need to go” until it is too late.

• Improve bladder strength and capacity.

• Improve the ability to fully empty the bladder.

Start with Something Natural

Just as there are many prescription drugs for humans, so there are for dogs. For example, one drug called mirabegron, is relatively safe in humans. It binds to the beta-3 adrenergic receptor, and helps relax smooth muscle walls in the bladder. This can boost bladder capacity and reduce contractions that cause the sense of urgency.

In humans, this drug has been reasonably safe. However, it has a narrow window of use for dogs and can be toxic, causing elevated heart rate and even death due to cardiovascular overload.

Incontinence can be caused by many factors, and I would never want to talk anyone out of an effective treatment.

However, consider going with a natural option like Arctic Angelica as your first choice. It may be the perfect one.

I would recommend using Angelica (Angelica archangelica) Leaf Extract (aqueous extraction) to support your best friend’s bladder.

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