Curcumin is Amazing

Curcumin is Amazing

What Makes BCM-95® Curcumin So Amazing

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When you choose a curcumin product to support your health, you want the very best. Terry Naturally delivers. Our curcumin is grown and harvested through sustainable farming practices and produced using the latest solar powered technology. Choosing Terry Naturally for your curcumin needs is a win for you, your health, and the planet.

But what makes this curcumin so advanced? It all starts at the beginning, with where and how its grown.

IMAGE: Turmeric grown in northeast India

BCM-95® curcumin comes from turmeric grown in northeast India, a region with ideal conditions for cultivating this important crop. The climate here is frost-free and gets ample rainfall but has soil that drains efficiently. The farmers in this region are careful to use eco-friendly and sustainable practices while growing and harvesting turmeric and are paid reasonable and competitive wages for their crops.

Because of the proven ways in which BCM-95 is grown and harvested, it has become the top selling bioenhanced curcumin in the United States.

IMAGE: Raw materials

The frontline production technology used to produce BCM-95 is focused on retaining the goodness of the raw materials, without causing harm to the environment. BCM-95 curcumin products come from a 100% solar driven manufacturing unit, where they continually invest in resource conservation activities. By maintaining responsible practices in producing BCM-95 curcumin, there is minimal impact on the environment.

IMAGE: The #1 Selling Curcumin Brand††!

When it comes to the curcumin itself, BCM-95 is head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, it’s the most clinically studied, enhanced bioavailable curcumin in the world! When compared gram per gram, BCM-95 curcumin delivers up to 500 times more curcumin to the bloodstream than turmeric.^

The BCM-95 extraction process blends curcumin with turmeric essential oils, based on the centuries-old Ayurveda system. It has been shown to have 7 to 10 times higher bioavailability and research shows it is retained longer in the circulatory system than standard curcumin.

Many curcumin products on the market contain a lot less curcumin than BCM-95 products and are filled with additives instead. BCM-95, on the other hand, is a clinically studied curcumin. Each capsule contains curcumin and turmeric essential oil for proven synergy and increased bioavailability. This makes it easy for your body to absorb curcumin for more than 8 hours. Best of all, Terry Naturally curcumin products contain no toxic additives or synthetic enhancers and are super safe and effective.

If you’re looking for a curcumin product you can trust to be good for you and the planet, Terry Naturally has a CuraMed® or Curamin® product for you! 

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EuroPharma, Inc., maker of the Terry Naturally® brand, offers clinically proven and effective nutritional supplements that improve the health of America. Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, is well-known for innovation, and is credited as the first to introduce glucosamine sulfate and standardized Ginkgo biloba to the U.S. natural products market. The full line of Terry Naturally products is available throughout the U.S. in both the health food store and professional distribution channels. At EuroPharma, Our Passion is Your Health®.

^Based on enhanced absorption of CuraMed or Curamin curcumin versus equivalent weight capsule of unstandardized turmeric containing 2% curcumin. ††SPINSscan Condition Specific Supplement Formulas Brand Rank, based on 52 week data.

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