Game-Changing Patent On Nutrient Combination For Inhibiting Coronavirus

Game-Changing Patent On Nutrient Combination For Inhibiting Coronavirus

Wall Street Journal Newspaper Publishes Details Of Dr. Rath Research Institute’s Game-Changing Patent On Nutrient Combination For Inhibiting Coronavirus

With word spreading that the United States Patent Office has awarded the Dr. Rath Research Institute five patents on micronutrient combinations for fighting human diseases, the Wall Street Journal newspaper has published details of the game-changing patent on a natural approach for preventing and treating coronavirus infections. A historic development in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, the growing global awareness of this revolutionary natural health technology will ultimately threaten multibillions of dollars-worth of sales in coronavirus drugs and vaccines.

One of the largest newspapers in the United States, with a daily circulation of around 2.8 million copies, the Wall Street Journal is a mainstream broadsheet that has won 38 Pulitzer Prizes for its journalism. Its brave decision to publish details of the patent on a micronutrient combination for inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 reflects the fact that the media blockade on natural approaches to fighting the pandemic is scientifically unjustifiable.

A revolutionary approach to the coronavirus

The world’s first science-based micronutrient combination to be recognized by the United States Patent Office for preventing and treating SARS-CoV-2 infections, the revolutionary natural health technology developed by the Dr. Rath Research Institute simultaneously inhibits all pathways used by the coronavirus to infect the human body. Employing vitamin C, quercetin, baicalin, N-acetylcysteine, naringin, resveratrol, as well as extracts from broccoli, black tea, and turmeric, the institute’s approach to COVID-19 is fundamentally different to that followed by conventional medicine and its outdated reliance on pharmaceutical methodologies.

Right from the beginning of the pandemic, the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s scientists chose not to focus on developing vaccines against either the original (Wuhan) virus or one of its mutations. Instead, their approach is based on reducing the number of specific ‘doorway’ molecules (ACE2 receptors) in the human body through the use of particular combinations of micronutrients. All coronaviruses use ACE2 receptors in order to enter the cells of the lungs and other organs.

Following thorough tests, the micronutrient combination designed by the institute’s scientists has been found effective against all known mutations of SARS-CoV-2, including not just the original virus but also its Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Kappa, and Omega variants. Since all coronavirus variants use the same ACE2 receptor mechanism to infect human cells and the same enzymes to multiply inside them, the combination also seems likely to help prevent infections with future, as yet unknown, coronavirus variants.

A historic moment

The growing global awareness of the Dr. Rath Research Institute’s patented micronutrient technology will ultimately threaten multibillions of dollars-worth of pharmaceutical industry profits. With a recent study confirming that mRNA vaccines are associated with more serious harms than originally claimed, the public clamor for effective, safe alternative COVID-19 therapies will only increase.

The recognition by the United States Patent Office that a combination of natural micronutrients can prevent and treat coronavirus infections is a historic moment. Three years after the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the first decisive steps have been taken towards ending the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to maintain the current pandemic as a source of skyrocketing profits. As a result, nothing less than a revolution in healthcare therapies for viral diseases now lies ahead. It is no longer simply a matter of whether change will come, but when.

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