Omega-7 for Healthy Skin, Dry Eyes, and So Much More*†

Omega-7 for Healthy Skin, Dry Eyes, and So Much More*†

ARTICLE BY | Julie Hoerth

When health-minded people hear the term omega fatty acids, they probably think of omega-3s first. But there are a range of other omega fatty acids just as important for supporting overall health, including omega-7.*
Omega-7s are found in just a few foods, like salmon, avocados, and macadamia nuts. But one of the richest sources of omega-7s is the sea buckthorn berry. This bright orange, pearl-shaped berry is often referred to as a “nutrient bomb” because it contains over 200 bioactive compounds including vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and plant sterols.

Omega-7 fatty acids are incorporated into the walls of your cells and help the cells better hold on to moisture. Because of this, a superior omega-7 supplement can help support everything from hydrating the skin to maintaining cardiovascular health. This is because omega-7s help moisturize the mucus membranes in the body, which line many of your most important organs.*

Two Fantastic Formulas to Maximize Your Health*
Terry Naturally®’s SB-150 omega-7 provides the ultimate in whole body benefits. It's a great way to get omega-7 into your daily health regimen.* SB-150 is available in two superior supplements to fit all your omega-7 needs!

This powerful Omega-7 formula helps maintain your health at the cellular level to support soft, supple skin, plus other whole body benefits, including:

  • Hydration of mucous membranes, including eyes, mouth, and digestive tract
  • Relief of menopausal vaginal dryness
  • Healthy heart function*

Your eyes face a number of challenges on a daily basis, including sun, wind, contact lenses, electronic use, and simply getting older. Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief supports healthy eye moisture and daily comfort. Take this targeted product daily for essential

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