Peak Immune4 Ultra

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Peak Immune4 Ultra

PeakImmune4 to the Rescue for an effective and non-toxic immune-modulator, we need look no further than to a natural solution, in the form of a unique food supplement called PeakImmune 4, this unique fiber has been broken down so it can pass into the blood stream and reach the cells of the immune system.

The resulting compound, a patented arabinoxylan compound, has since been clinically shown to dramatically increase the activity of NK cells in patients with cancer (including difficult to treat blood cancers such as leukemia and multiply myelomas), immune compromised illnesses, and viral and autoimmune diseases.

PeakImmune4 Ultra - has also been used to treat hepatitis B and C. People in “high risk” categories for disease can benefit from using PeakImmune4 preventively. These include people who smoke and drink, people exposed to toxic chemicals, people born with immune deficiencies, and members of families with a strong history of cancer.

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